The British duo Will Weeks & Jim Bastow, otherwise known as Koan Sound, teased us in the early parts of this month with their soon to be released new EP, “Sanctuary“! The OWSLA signees gave us something spectacular to look forward to with some insight into what should be expected from their newest production. I remember seeing Koan, before they really blew up, in a hole in the wall latin club in Sacramento, but despite the dive bar they were preforming at, to be able to see these guys showcase their traditional in your face slimy bass growl Glitch Hop style that originally caught my attention was such an unforgettable experience! It’s funny because I remember talking to a friend of mine about seeing them live with their old material versus going to see them now with this new release. I told him, “this is a mind blowing release from Koan but it’s really not something you could play in the club and keep the crowd on their feet” to which he replied, “yeah not really, this is just beautiful bass music”.  How this all ties in (which I swear it does) is that I had such a hard time categorizing this Ep with a genre until I had that conversation with my buddy, in which we both came to the conclusion that we would just classify it as, “beautiful bass music”. So now let me go into a review of “Sanctuary” from Koan Sound as well as give you something official to listen to!

Sanctuary” is a 5 track Ep released this past Tuesday (October 22nd) worldwide through OWSLA! It features an overall ambient theme throughout and Koan Sound, while delivering something completely different, is still able to keep their signature elements that made them so unique and distinct throughout the years. Koan is able to combine their grimy bass growls and extremely soulful/ funky riffs while also incorporating huge uplifting melodies with brilliant classical instrument arrangements and extremely sensual vocals all into one.

For me, this is an absolutely amazing EP, I am a real rager EDM fan, for the most part, but it is so awesome to see something this fresh hit the EDM scene and get amazing feedback and coverage. So without further ado, I’ve embedded a link to Tetsuo’s Redemption, one of the wickedest tracks from the “Sanctuary” Ep, as well as the Beatport link to preview and buy the album! So have a listen and show Koan Sound some love!

Sanctuary” on Beatport!

Koan Sound’s Facebook!

-Chris Wood-

Here’s also an embed of the whole EP 🙂