Full disclosure, before I got my hands on the Matter EP I had never heard of CHANGE. However, I am absolutely floored by this up and comer and with my first experience with three track EP, which is saying quite a bit. With a background in mashups and original, CHANGE has received support from some rather large names including Nicky Romero, Paris BlohmZedd, and Matthew Koma. Now, CHANGE can safely add another name to that list, perhaps the biggest, mine. 

It’s very rare for me to take my headphones off after a full listening session and feel completely satisfied. Matter however managed to satiate my need for complextro energy, melodic spells, nu-disco funk, blending together elements across the board into one very enjoyable listening experience.


Solid, is the most dense arrangement of Matter… scientifically… figuratively… literally… (starting to get the plot?). Solid intros smooth and soft but drops into a driving wall of gritty bass. The hook is simple, but the crunchy bass gives it impact, like the name implies.


Gas, is a much more mobile, breathy tune, with a huge yet energetic atmosphere. A full on complextro banger, the track stays true to it’s name, heavy side-chaining, fantastic variations give the impression of wind whipping through your ears. As a life-time complextro addict, I’m going to have Gas on loop for quite some time.



Liquid, which features the stellar vocals of Jeff Sontag  is without a doubt the standout track on the entire EP. To be fair, male vocals can be be incredibly hit or miss but thankfully the vocals blend amazingly with the funky nu-disco vibe of the tune.

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