Dutch heavyweight Chuckie questions the legitimacy of the DJ Mag Top 100, while also bringing up ethical issues while in an interview with inthemix. Despite Chuckie having a more successful and prosperous year than last year, he managed to move down in the list, which he states is “weird.” I would have to agree with his point. Most know that it is a popularity contest, so this sort of mismatch is not surprising at all.
Secondly noted was the fact that most of the top 10 was comprised of Chuckie’s fellow dutch peers. Although a popularity contest can create rivalries, the group is not stricken with such ill vibes. The competition between them allows for each individual to grow and for the scene as a whole to thrive.
It’s funny because there are a lot of websites where people analyze through statistics, and if you follow the statistics I’m number 20 or something, you know? And I had a better year than the year before and still I went a couple of places down so that’s weird.”
Of course there’s competition but it’s healthy competition because together we carry this industry, we carry this scene.