Sooooo edgy.

So. Rolling Stone Italia post a rather disturbing and inflammatory video about EDM and a lot of you lose your shit:

“We mix both Rock/electronic/live so fuck you Rolling Stone! Everyone plays guitar its not hard….. Hmm so they will put deadmau5 on their cover to sell more magazines but bash the music online? sounds like rolling stone is getting desperate…Whoever made this is absolutely clueless, and to anyone who agrees with this, i can promise you that like it or not, House will be around longer than Rock.”
[Various YouTube comments.]

On first impressions I found it rather strange why the magazine felt so strongly about EDM that they made a video where maggots fester in someone’s ear. However it appears to be a carefully executed plan seeing that is has been up for about a week now. If it is a publicity stunt, it’s working pretty well. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it right now. Duh.

But if you want to get yourself swept up into yet another pathetic YouTube flame war, then by all means watch the video and rage yourself into an appalled, self-righteous coma. Or you could do nothing at all, and leave the fedora-wearing ‘Dad-rockers’ alone on their snobby, self-righteous and dying plateau.

What a world we live in: