Back in August, we reported that Insomniac Events had proposed an EDC NY event to be held on Winston Farm, the location of the 1994 Woodstock Festival. Today, we have learned that the town of Saugerties, where Winston Farm is located, has elected not to approve the event.

An article by the Daily Freeman explains that the local emergency services had concerns regarding their ability to maintain the safety of the event. According to Town Supervisor Kelly Myers,

The Electric Daisy concert does not look like it’s going to happen. There were some concerns about how to safely manage that and the Schaller family has had some concerns as well.

In addition, Councilman Fred Costello explains that many of the ideas presented by Insomniac were simply not feasible for the small town.

The start and stops come as a result of their fleshing out an idea. And, for whatever reason, along the way some of those ideas have not been practical.

Looks like Insomniac will have to find a new location for EDC NY, which is scheduled to take place on Memorial Day weekend.

Update: Insomniac Events has reached out to us to explain the story in more detail. As they explain, the event was postponed indefinitely due to hesitance by the Winston Farm property owners, rather than town safety concerns. They will continue to forge ahead with plans for events in NY next year.

Insomniac’s proposal to hold an event at Winston Farms was delayed indefinitley because the owners of the property, the Schaller family, do not feel comfortable hosting a dance music festival on their grounds.  As with any large-scale event, local officials engage in the ongoing conversations surrounding the health and safety plans that go into events of this magnitude. However, in this case, the plan was nixed – not because local officials had concerns – but rather the property owner decided not to move forward. We aren’t letting this bump deter us from planning some amazing events in New York in 2014.