Having just left twitter, Deadmau5 decided to upload a slew of new tracks to his soundcloud. 7 to be exact. Each representing one of the 7 deadly sins. Aptly titled 7, this set showcases masterfully the mau5’s quintessential progressive sound, as each song builds and progresses with a minimal yet ominous melody. All constructed around a very similar yet intriguing eeriness, this new set is perhaps an insight into the complex mind of the mau5 himself. Whatever the case may be, we strongly recommend listening to the full 19 minute long journey down through hell, accompanied by your trusty Canadian mau5.

Ira – Wrath
Avaritia- Greed
Gula- Gluttony
Superbia – Pride
Luxuria – Lust
Invidia – Envy
Acedia – Sloth