The Santa Barbara duo Candyland did their first EDC set this year in Orlando and now have posted it to their Soundcloud for everyone to enjoy. I love their eclectic approach to not only their own music, but the music they play in their sets; although this one is obviously geared towards the festival atmosphere.

Nonetheless, they kill it with their collection of electro, dubstep, and aggressive big room. The energy they bring is insane, even when they throw in some trap and even Lil Jon they keep the party going. Grab this set and stay tuned for their upcoming release on November 25 with their track “Breathless” which you can find below as well.

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The upcoming “Breathless” is Candyland’s take on big room, however this is no tacky one note festival-pleaser; well it is a festival-pleaser, but the monotonous sound is turned upside down to create an emotionally uplifting anthem. Vocalist Michelle Quezada provided wonderful lyrics to the track, which can also be found in the set from above. November 25th will be the day that this jam is released via Candyland’s own Sweet Shop Records, so get ready to get your breathe taken away!