Decadon, the Colorado-based DJ and Producer, has returned with a vast new EP titled “Planet Decadon.” The EP consists of four tracks that feature sounds quite out of this world (pun totally intended). Decadon utilizes tranquil synth production and serene rhythms to skillfully build into massive drops encompassing huge drums, enormous synths, and freaky rhythms that we’ve all come to love in Trap and Dubstep music.

The first title in the EP is a Dubstep track called “Planet Decadon.” It starts out with a space launch type countdown which leads to classic Dubstep-influenced drums. It has an alien feel to it conveying the general theme of the EP. Another track in the EP, titled “Dat Flow,” is a collaboration between Decadon and AOWL. It features a cut throat synth with a trap-influenced melody that stays true to the alien-like theme of the EP as well as a percussive bass stab that gives that track its groove. The final tune in the EP is Decadon’s “Trapped Out Remix” of the classic “Kernkraft 400” by Zombie Nation. “Kernkraft 400,” German for “Atomic Energy 400,” was released back in 1999 and is considered one of the most famous songs in EDM history.

The EP’s dynamics are quite impressive and are honestly a breath of fresh air in the highly saturated world of trap music. All in all this is a solid EP by Decadon and is surely to appeal to many Trap and Dubstep lovers alike.

Oh, and did i mention it was all free? Check out the EP below and be sure to grab a copy!