As though huge robots and 3-D shows weren’t already blowing peoples minds, Google is now incorporating music interfaces into their reasonably priced, Glass. Otherwise known as Google Glasses the “trendy” eyewear is now being marketed towards the musically driven. Today Google released a set of features that will allow users to take control of what their listening to, discover new songs being played around them, and search for various tracks, all of course hands free.

The voice control system connects with Google Play, the in Glass media hub, and offers access to personal playlists and Google’s streaming service, which is quite similar to Spotify or similar subscription services. Also announced were new earbuds for the Glass that will provide a better sound quality  as well as access to Sound Search, essentially Shazam for Androids. Although these services seem like a real upgrade it begs the question, people paid $1500 dollars for these and they couldn’t search or listen to music before? The release and updates are likely a continued effort to expand on practical applications, subsequently gaining interest in Glass, hopefully.

Already we’ve seen artists like Nicky Romero and Morgan Page rocking the Glass to capture a first hand perspective of crowds, most notably Romero’s Tomorrowworld set, definitely worth a watch. In a recent promotional video, Google empowered Young Guru with a pair to highlight the everyday uses, from someone sitting in a diner, to a DJ spinning a recently discovered record, Google wants you to believe the possibilities are endless.

“With these new features, we’re now building a great music experience on Glass, whether you’re a classical music professor, an acclaimed sound engineer and hip-hop producer, or someone who wants to listen to their favorite tunes anytime, anywhere,”                   -Ed Sanders, director of marketing for Google Glass


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