Italian dance label 303Lovers is brimming with excitement over this new remix by Manuel De La Mare. The Italian native was nominated for both Best Deep House and Best Techno artist by Beatport in 2010, but after hearing this, his skills have clearly not waned. The techno sounds are clearly ranging on the darker, deep end of the spectrum but with enough percussive force to keep the crowd moving. What makes this remix of “Panic Attack” by Dubai artist Darko De Jan so intoxicating is the magnificent breakdown. Huge, growling bass lines give subwoofers a workout while the soundscape effects behind complete the package. Typically tech DJs keep breakdowns to an absolute minimum to keep people dancing as fervently as possible.This is one of the few tracks however where bringing out a massive breakdown like this will excite and entice the crowd further. Be on the lookout for “Panic Attack (Manuel De La Mare Remix)” when it drops on 303Lovers November 18th.