Unless you live under a rock, you are sure to have heard by now that Hardwell claimed the number 1 spot in DJ Mag‘s  fan-generated Top 100 DJs. In accordance with the number 1 title, Hardwell was featured on the cover of the current issue of DJ Mag, which included an interview.

In the interview, Hardwell discusses his relationship with his hometown friend Tijs, better known as Tiesto, who acted as a mentor for Hardwell in his earlier years. The Dutch DJ also reflects on his numerous shows and gigs in his home country before ever making it internationally, and explains why his European roots makes him uncomfortable to use the term ‘EDM’.

One of the more controversial subjects that Hardwell confronts in his interview is the escalating price of booking DJs. When asked if this price increase is going too far, Hardwell answers adamantly ‘no’.

“People always say ‘DJs are the new pop stars’ but when Rihanna, Jay-Z or Lady Gaga is selling out an arena and get a ridiculous amount of money, everyone is handling that okay. If a DJ like Tiësto or Calvin Harris does it, everybody is like, ‘Wow, can they take that amount of money?’ But they are doing the same thing.”

In 2013, Calvin Harris earned a different number 1 spot than Hardwell, his being the number one ‘Electronic Cash King’ according to Forbes, who bases its study on “earnings estimates [which] include income from live shows, endorsements, merchandise sales, recorded music sales, external business ventures and […] television”.

By the day, DJs are becoming more like superstars, and artists such as Hardwell support the rising costs of booking these megastars. Hopefully the smaller venues and fans are financially able to keep up if the future of EDM keeps heading in this direction.


Source: inthemix