Now I know half of you are pissed off with questions as to why and half of you are excited about Martin Garrix and Victor Niglio doing a trap remix of the smash hit “Animals”, which has been ruling mainstream sets around the world. Well, the title of the remix says it all and it is just what you would expect. But please venture further and just get through this with me.
I’ve managed to keep myself away from hearing the original (and other unofficial remixes) a billion times but this got plopped on my lap so I had to check it out. It’s not bad; though it is extremely typical and not incredibly different from the original.

Zedd has played this remix in his sets, which sort of surprises me but doesn’t at the same time. This really is geared towards the festival atmosphere and given the craze over trap, fans were indirectly asking for this. All in all, I think for those who don’t like it, it’s because the original ruined it for you. So if you were looking for hate-filled backlash against this, or other tracks like this; I’m sorry, I only spread apathy.