Oklahoma’s bass frontiersman TyGr came out with a free track “Vicious” a few weeks ago and now his upcoming Showdown EP is available to pre-order. In “Vicious,” the OG dub vibes are vivid and the bass is extra grimy. For 4 minutes and 20 seconds you are immersed in a sonic world that embodies the title in every way imaginable.

Free Download

TyGr‘s Showdown EP features 5 songs with fitting one word titles and like the other tracks, a lot of powerful low-frequencies; 140 is making a comeback into the spotlight and these tracks are evidence of that trend. TyGr is one of the only talents pushing that nostalgic sound that producers like Datsik popularized, but I think people will hop back on that train, especially after this release. The EP is set to be released on December 9, however it’s currently available to pre-order.