The Swiss duo of Aaron von Schroeder & Tim Kleinert, who make up Task Horizon, released the collaborative Arachnophilia EP with MC Spyda last month on Beatport. The EP was backed by Evolution Chamber Recordings and it’s content is all about the bass. Their drum & bass roots shine, although they made the transition to a more dubstep-like style with some of the EP. MC Spyda’s powerful voice is just too fitting for the genre.
The two producers offer up a four furious tracks starting off with “Shattered Self” which is an explosion of musical madness. It does not surprise me to know Noisia supports this duo with a heavy classic like this. Second comes “Let Them Talk” and boy, will we. The aphotic dub vibe engulfs the listener and takes you to a rocking world of sonorous tones. “No Soundboy” kills it from the get-go and as the song develops it only gets better and better. One of my favorites from this release! Lastly we come to “Unimpossible” which caps everything off nicely. For people who don’t listen to drum & bass, this one is a great one to get you started; it has a very popular sound yet it is drenched in darkness. Got to love it!
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