X5IGHT take a step away from their usual 128 for a huge remix of Katy Perry‘s song “Peacock.” They go with some trap, but they keep their explosively energetic style in place. A remix like this is something that turns some heads at festivals; and anywhere else for that matter.
The original vocal from Katy is used tastefully; they don’t rely on it to appeal to listeners because their production work speaks for itself. Percussively, the pounding kick and crispy snare are balanced by the trapstyle hi-hats which all truck the track along. After some anticipation is built you are flashed into a frenzy of synthetic tones that will satisfy your wild side. The layering of sounds for the main melody gives the listener a firm, yet simple final product that will keep you coming back for more. Let’s hope X5IGHT delve outside their comfort zone some more because this free download is marvelous!
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