“Why does “Get Down Low” sound so familiar? Oh that’s right, it’s a been a 2013 festival anthem and some of the biggest names have given their support via playing the song for thousands.” TC, the creator behind Get Down Low and it’s aptly named EP, gave a short story on NEST IV on how Skrillex helped him to release on OWSLA:

I sent a demo of Get Down Low to Sonny just before Ultra this year. I wasn’t even sure he’d get around to hearing it… I mean, I know how busy he is, but he hit me back and wanted to release an entire EP, I love that guy! What’s great about Get Down Low is the reaction it seems to have on the fans. The track is inspired by a crowd I performed to out in Romania. I believe in bass music and I hope this EP translates that message.

A UK native, TC is no stranger to creating club movers and body shakers; ‘Get Down Low‘ is a perfect example on how to combine nightclub fervency with a festival-like bounce with the final product depicting an accurate work of art. Starting off with a smooth, funk-like guitar, ‘Vegas’ easily becomes the theme song for a moonlight cruise through the neon city. Taking some cues from Queen’s hit, ‘We Will Rock You’, TC creates ‘Do You Rock’ an eclectic “boom-boom clap!” anthem that hastens the heart and moves the masses. The Shockone remix of “Get Down Low” adds a different tier of excitement as it’s morphed into an exciting big room variation that manages to contain just as much stimulation as the original.

Be sure to stream the tunes below, and pick up a copy here.