Feast your ears to the deep sounds of Matador with his recent ‘Zoles’ EP release on Beatport. Gavin Lynch, a Dublin based producer, engineer, and DJ has cemented his mark into the scene since 2006. Matador is known for his hit remix of Perc – ‘Work Softer’ and his productions have flowed through a number of sets from DJ’s who were resident’s at the most fabulous European nightlife parties. He has released and remixed for some of the top labels in the industry like Rekluse, Cocoon, drawing inspiration from Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarkes, and many others which has helped his sound flourish into something spectacular.

Matador EP starts off with ‘Zoles,’ a trippy, dark techno sound then smoothly driving you to the pitch-black track of ‘Divas.’ ‘Schaffer’ and ‘Gemini’ sparks your ear drums to something a bit bubblier and minimal, while still keeping the dusk of this EP. I need to comment that these two tracks are both my favorites. Then, ending off with ‘The Thang’, which I can’t help but say is like getting sucked into a wave of techno sounds, an essential end to ‘Zoles’ EP.

Check out a little snippet of each track below!