When one single snow flurry drops in Atlanta the entire city freaks out. A total of ten flurries might have fallen last night, but the city is in post-apoctalypic, “hide ya children,” stay in doors mode. ┬áMy wife and I have tickets to tonight’s Animal House Tour at the Masquerade and I was dreading having to wait for public transportation (don’t drink and drive) on the freezing streets of ATL, but my doubts were soon lifted when Bro Safari, UFO! and Jesse Slayter dropped this heated 100bpm bounce bomb.

The heavily sample based track will get your booty shaking and blood flowing while you fight a turkey induced coma this weekend. Don’t forget to check out the Animal House Tour Diary #3 featuring an intense bromance between Bro Safari and ETC!ETC!.



Animal House Tour Diary #3:



Animal House Tour Dates: