Photo Cred: Chris Lotten Photography

A few weeks ago, part of the Your EDM Chicago team took a trip up to Madison Wisconsin for none other than Sonny Moore, or as most people know him, Skrillex. The show was at the historic Orpheum theater. With a capacity of around 2,000 people, this venue was neither huge nor small, but in fact it was just right. Before Skrillex came on was trap master, Bro Safari. The moment he took the stage, the entire crowd was continuously moving throughout his entire set.

After Bro Safari’s trap-filled set there was a small transition period. After the short amount of time the back screen lit up with a count down. As the clock winded down to the final seconds the crowd began to roar, Skrillex had taken the stage. Opening up for the sold out crowd, he filled the entire theater with intense bass paired with equally intense lasers and lights. Throughout the first 30 minutes of his set, Skrillex dropped various new tunes, which had a very glitch-hop undertone to them. Skrillex even added some comedy to the show by him trolling Levels for a few minutes. After about an hour and a half of non-stop dancing to his incredible music new and old, the energy level was at a high.

The same question was going through everyone’s head, “How will Skrillex close this incredible night out?”. Well Skrillex definitely answered that question in a powerful way. As the lights dimmed, and the crowd chanted “One more song”, Sonny told everyone that he was going to play one more song and that it was going to be a new one. The second he said this I knew exactly what was going to be played, his remix of DJ, Ease My Mind that he closed out his set at Day Of The Dead. Turns out I was right and had pulled my phone out right in time to catch the incredible remix on camera. The incredible vocals mixed with the heavy bassline made for an incredible ending to an already amazing night! Check out the video coverage below!