We’ve all been in the position, during the holidays, where you want to escape the ‘loving’ pandemonium that is an extended family gathering. Well you don’t have to sneak off to the garage to slam egg nog in private to retain your sanity, you can spend the holidays with Kaskade right here at YourEDM.

“I feel gratitude every day for all the ways life gives me what I need. Family. Friends. Freaks. The holiday season reminds me to put these things in the front of my mind. To be charitable. To be introspective. To give a little more.

Clearly all this contemplation needs a soundtrack. 

But holiday soundtracks can get really bad, really quickly when left to chance. To that end, I’ve wrapped up some Holiday tunes for you. These are songs I’ve created over the years. Some original, some remixes of legends you may recognize. All work that I’m proud of, and hope you’ll enjoy. They’re not all about Christmas, but speak to the spirit of the season. So even if you’re bah-humbugging your way through December you can still sneak a candycane and enjoy the merry feels for a bit.”


The veteran DJ and Producer graciously dropped off a compilation of  holiday themed tracks for the “Family, Friends, and Freaks.” If you are wondering why he didn’t alliteratively include “Fans,” then you have clearly never freaked out with Kaskade before, so get to it!