A little over a week ago I sat down at my computer, breakfast in hand, and loaded my soundcloud to be greeted with a new track from an artist by the name of LAZER LAZER LAZER. At the time and to this very day, I knew almost nothing about the man/men or woman behind the project but within seconds of listening to their remix of Knife Party‘s ‘Sleaze’, I was hooked.

First off, let me preface this article by stating that when it comes to remixing Knife Party, I am extremely skeptical. Very few artists can take KP’s creations and not only maintain the frantic nature of the original but also add elements to transform their rendition into something that sounds organic and natural. I will also be the first to admit that I am not a proponent of Knife Party’s ¬†choice to abandon their aggressive dubstep influenced style of electro but I appreciate and respect their choice to create the music they enjoy.

That being said, in my opinion, ‘Sleaze’ which released as part of KP’s ‘Rage Valley EP’, was part of the duo’s golden age. It didn’t stand nearly as tall as tracks like ‘Bonfire’ and ‘Centipede’ but at least ‘Sleaze’ wasn’t centered around a momentous sub-kick and minimalistic production. While ‘Sleaze’ never made its way to the top of my iTunes, the potential and the foundation for something great was noticeable and that’s exactly what LAZER LAZER LAZER recognized. Their remix of ‘Sleaze’ is aggressive, high energy, and chock full of yeah you guessed it, laser synths. LAZER LAZER LAZER did the signature Knife Party sound better than Knife Party and the result is a remix that I dare you to take off of repeat.

Ever since this fateful day, I’ve had my eye on LAZER LAZER LAZER and to my heart’s content, the tunes have kept coming. With the recent release of their remix of Adventure Club‘s ‘Gold’ and Borgore and Waka Flocka Flame‘s ‘Wild Out’, I have been convinced that LAZER LAZER LAZER is a name that we will be well acquainted with in the near future.

Their collaborative remix of ‘Wild Out’ with The Kingdumb is a perfect representation of yet another truly successful remix. Building off of the strongest aspect of the original, the vocal sampling of Paige and Waka, LAZER LAZER LAZER and The Kingdumb absolutely destroy this remix. Pushing the tempo through the roof with snarling bass and yeah you guessed it, more lasers, this remix is a must listen. These two artists also entered their effort in Borgore’s remix competition so after listening make sure to hop over and give them a much deserved vote.

Lastly, make sure to stream all of the tracks addressed in this article below and jump over to soundcloud to stay up to date with all of their future releases. Enjoy.

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