Tim Gunter has been featured here once before back in January of this year for a remix of Tommy Trash’s ‘Cascade’ he did and I’m glad to be bringing him back on board Your EDM.

If you’re not too familiar with Tim Gunter, he derives from a hip-hop background but has also experimented with a number of genres including electro-house and trap. In a lot of his tracks, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to pick up on his own style.

When it comes to remixing and originality, Gunter is phenomenal at taking a track, analyzing it, and asking himself how he can change it and make it better. He seems to steer away from that commercial sound that has been prominent for quite some time, and that’s the style of his I’m talking about.

This remix of Oliver’s ‘MYB’ is the perfect example. He took this track, dissected it, and put his own spin on it steering away from that commercial sound leaving this track to stand out most, not only because it’s different but because it’s authentic and great.

He was able to incorporate his own style by “chopping the vocals, adding some 808 drums, retro synths and electric guitar,” and not to mention the down tempo of 105 as opposed to the 128 BPM of the original track, which stood out most. The electric guitar he mentioned was recorded live, which is also something I personally don’t think we see enough of today, but gives this tune yet another original element.

After all is said and done, I’m just one person. I think this tune is outstanding, but only you, the listener can be the judge, so have a go and pay attention to detail, I’m more than sure you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to check out his Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter for new and upcoming releases.