Kill The Noise will be live in the mix today Friday December 6th at OWSLA Nest HQ in Los Angeles California with friends Nadastrom and ETC!ETC! tearing up the tables for ‘Lunch Breaks Volume 4‘. Lunch Breaks is an OWSLA monthly event that occurs on the first Friday of each month, and it brings in a variety of family and friends of the label for a few hours of fantastic music and a satisfying meal. Per usual, they will have a live video feed of all the action, so you’ll get to see, and hear, what it’s like to party intimately with some of your favorite DJ’s and producers. Going live at 12PM Pacific Time, 3PM Eastern Time, and 8pm GMT, be sure to catch as much of it while you can!

I had the chance to hop on a phone call last week with Jake Stanczak aka Kill The Noise, and he schooled me on everything from NestHQ, to his new album, and a whole lot about the status of the music industry as we know it.

Curious as to what Jake has been up to since he released the Remixes album for Black Magic, he gave me a little background as to how he landed at the Nest and how it’s been going there so far.

“I am writing a new record, so I was looking for a new recording space. It’s difficult to find something good that’s reasonable in Los Angeles, but the guys at the Nest were nice enough to let me use one of the rooms down in the basement of the building for my studio, so it worked out perfect. They’re gonna be renovating the basement into full on recording spaces for artists sometime soon.”

Among all the other amazing talent that Skrillex and OWLSA work with, Jake mentioned that Blood Diamond and Phuture Doom had been spending time in the same studio before he took over. With a massive warehouse to work with, and a growing list of powerful, talented musicians, it would be nice to know how else the facility was being utilized; and by whom for that matter.

“There’s a bunch of offices where the OWSLA, and some of the Blood Company guys work. My manager works there, and the guy who does visuals for Sonny, Dogblood, and a bunch of others is up there too. I think the idea that Sonny has with these Headquarters, is to be a communal creative environment similar to the way Andy Warhol had the factory in New York. It’s already got that vibe even though it’s still not setup completely yet; there are just so many creative people coming through”

Needless to say I have been impressed by everything Sonny has been accomplishing with these strategic moves at OWSLA, and within reason, Jake knows the behind the scenes a whole lot better than any of us do. Hearing his thoughts and the pride these OWSLA arists have for the movement was uplifting. He even had fantastic things to say about their gifted chef and star of the Lunch Breaks meal.

“Our cook, he goes by Jungle Riddim, and he is an amazing Chef. He does his own home-brews and even has his own line of medicinal marijuana honey.”

Being from Colorado, I of course got a good chuckle from this.

With a laidback mentality to the entire event, I’m very interested to see the type of sets that each of the artists end up playing. Admittedly, I had never watched a Lunch Breaks event live before, so Jake filled me in on how it goes down.

“It’s kinda free form. There are a bunch other guys that will be playing too, Nadastrom and ETC!ETC!; it kinda just blurs around. Last time I did it, Sonny showed up and everyone was just around. It’s more like a house party than a crazy rager. People just hanging out, talking, cooking food, having a good time.”

From there we started blabbering about the current status of the EDM industry as we know it, but that’s for another time. Nest HQ’s ‘Lunch Breaks’ are an incredible opportunity for you as a fan to observe not only live mixing from some of the worlds most talented acts, but also the interactions and conversations of these same down to earth human beings.

I can’t thank Jake and OWSLA enough for giving me the chance to talk and learn from them.