We have been setting the standard for delivering the latest information in the EDM category now for quite some time and with the launch of our online store we developed something completely new and original: The International Festival Shirt.  The International Festival Shirt seeks to unite the music festival scene on a whole new level. This shirt is a must-have for any dedicated music fan that considers themselves a part of the scene we know and love.


The shirt design features the name of every major music festival on Earth, and by doing so seeks to unite party people across the planet.

The festivals featured are the biggest and the best, including: Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, Global Gathering, Hideout, Outlook, Coachella and many more. Electronic music culture transcends man-made borders and travels across oceans at lightning speed, allowing people from all corners of the world to relate to this one-of-a-kind shirt.

We know exactly the look that EDM fans crave and enjoy to wear: and this design will quickly become a collectable staple of the festival scene. The design is printed using the highest quality of materials and is sublimated on the shirt for a lightweight modern feel.

The International Festival Shirt is an item that every serious music lover will recognize and be able to relate to. No matter where in the world you might be located, chances are you’ll be able to find your place in the international scene with this design. Keep memories of epic times close to your heart while also expanding your horizons to festivals you might not even be able to pronounce yet.


It’s a design that everyone can rock regardless of gender, genre-preference, age, or location. This holiday season, the International Festival shirt makes the perfect gift for any and every party animal on your list. Be among the first to get your hands on one, and become a member of the worldwide EDM movement today.