Outspoken dubstep producer Rusko was recently interviewed by The Huffington Post about his obsession with fast food and what it’s like playing Drum and Bass sets in the states.

When asked about his thoughts on the difference between American and European audiences he was quoted as saying:

“One big thing I’ve noticed, is that if you go to Europe and play all new music, the crowd is over the moon happy. In America, a set of all brand new music? The crowd is all pissed off, because they didn’t hear this song or that song. When you play to a North American crowd, you can’t play all brand-new material. You have to leave the hits in there, like a greatest hits set. Whereas in Europe, if you do that, it feels like a copout. Like resting on your laurels.”

And in this response Rusko makes a very good point about the kinds of audiences that are at festivals these days such as Ultra Music Festival or Eletric Daisy Carnival. Most people just want to hear certain songs and don’t want you as a DJ to play something unexpected. Rusko also pointed out that to him, playing all Drum and Bass sets was a chance to educate people and play something different than the norm. He also was asked about his thoughts on the topic of drugs in EDM and his favorite fast food places to eat and what he like to get there.

Check out the full interview here and let us know your thoughts below! Do you agree with Rusko?