Get ready for the Bixel Boys, one of the hottest duo’s out of LA, who are back with a massive two-song EP, Bring It On. These guys have been producing quality content for a while, putting their own spin on hits by Drake, TLC, and Goldroom. Yet, Bring It On is a different animal. They mash the heavy sounds of big room with the groovy tempo of deep house to deliver a sound quite unlike anything I’ve heard.

The opening track, also titled “Bring It On”, evokes a brooding, almost eerie setting as what sounds like raging tubas lead you throughout the track (think Chocolate Puma). Yet, they immediately switch it up with some light breaks, eventually building it into an enormous climax at the songs end. “CPR” utilizes the infamous heart monitor sound as the guys get your heart racing with spine-tingling synths and thunderous bass drops that will leave you mesmerized

These guys are no joke and are definitely on their way to the top of the game. Be sure to check out the EP below and grab your own copy on Beatport!