After their hit Mastodon was released it received fan approval very quickly to the highest regard. That is when the Milk N Cookies boys decided to have a remix competition for their Mastodon Remixes EP. Well the day is finally here and the DJs/Producers featured on the Remix EP are non other than Mutrix, Moiez, Louis The Child and Ben Woolsey.

The first remix of the Remix EP is Mutrix who at first slows down the beat and quickly transitions to a distorted buildup, which at the climax meets a very bass filled trappy beat. Then towards the end he gives it his own big room spin.

Next up on the EP is Moiez who gives the the track an extremely chill treatment. From the start it has you just grooving and vibing to the beat.

3rd on the EP is an absolutely stellar remix from Louis The Child, the 16 year old phenom, who gives Mastodon an incredible Madeon electro feel to it.

Last up on the EP is Scottish producer Ben Woolsey who completely traps out Mastodon to incredible lengths, even adding some minimal undertones to it.

also included on the EP is the instrumentals to Mastodon

Take a listen to all of the remixes and let us know which one is your favorite!