Follow Me, the duo known for inflicting their seductive and soulful touch on some of the 90’s most memorable R&B ballads, are back yet again with a remix that clearly demonstrates that their uplifting sound transcends all boundaries. Straying away from their R&B roots, just days ago, Follow Me unveiled their latest remix of indie pop group HAERTS‘ hit single of 2013, “All The Days”.

Injecting their now signature tropical flair, Follow Me support the vocals of Nini Fabi beautifully with a foundation of crisp percussion and dreamy synths. Although, many elements of this remix are staples of Follow Me’s productions, I was surprised to see how effectively the duo was able to honor Fabi’s vocals while still giving the entire production a danceable and playful feel. As usual, Follow Me are giving this gem out for free so make sure to stream and download your copy below. Enjoy.