Los Angeles darling and rising star Anna Lunoe dropped “Breathe” this past September. A collaboration between Fool’s Gold and Ultra Music, Anna’s lovely vocals sits excellently over a garage bassline. Fast forward to December and the remixes are now available, featuring the likes of Sleepy Tom, Treasure Fingers, Cosmo’s Midnight, Danny T, and Wordlife.
First up, the Sleepy Tom remix speeds things up to 132 BPM. This track utilizes joyous synths for an electro take on the original garage sound, yet still sounds equally as pleasant with Anna’s singing over top.
The Treasure Fingers remix goes in a wholly opposite direction from the previous redux. This one breaks out an absolutely fat bassline, truly going the deepest of all of the tracks in this package. Treasure Fingers also has their fair share of manipulation on Anna’s vocals which makes for a cool effect in this song.

The Cosmo’s Midnight remix caters to fans of garage who like it brighter and livelier than the original tune. Cosmo’s Midnight is an artist with a growing buzz currently, nice to see them be picked up by Anna Lunoe and Fool’s Gold. The short bass slap interludes are a great extra touch.

Danny T‘s remix borrows from the East Coast, NYC garage sound for his remix. Nice minimal edge on the bassline so the real emphasis lies on the vocals and the shuffle of the drums. The breakdown is the kicker in this track.

Finally, Wordlife keeps to the UK garage basslines but amps up the vocal manipulation. Tape stop effects, reversed vocals, and pitched down one shots abound here. The second build up is intense as it brings together frenetic drums and a new piano lead to the equation. This is then suddenly juxtaposed when the track drops back into its big bassline for extra emphasis.