Holy Excision & Showtek, Batman! Free tickets for the show at The Craneway Pavilion you say?! That’s right, we’ve partnered with Insomniac to give away a pair of tickets to  Excision’s Executioner tour, which is a god-send to behold. Complete with a custom video-mapped 3D stage and a 100,000 watt sound system of unnecessarily heavy bass to the face, the Executioner will leave you putting up flyers the next day looking for your face that melted off on the floor from nights prior. Teamed alongside Showtek & Brillz, this show is surely not going to disappoint the avid bass-head. See both Excision & Showtek together as they headline The Craneway Pavilion during the 2014 NYE weekend in Richmond on Saturday, December 28th 2013 by entering our contest below or buying tickets HERE.

Just incase you needed one more reason to go, here’s a rare video shot of Excision melting faces.