Trends come and go. 2013 was no exception and neither will 2014, especially within the dance music scene. It is always changing and evolving so the door is always open for things to come and go, or even stay if they have enough energy behind them. THUMP recently released an article where experts forecasted the upcoming trends and things to come for our community next year. We won’t go over every single one, but the pertinent ones will be highlighted.
1. Skrillex Will Be Back To Save Dubstep
I figured we’d start out with a highly controversial one to get things rollin’. First off, this implies that dubstep is dead (or near it). Is it as popular as it once was? No. But is it dead? Why don’t you just ask guys like Dirt Monkey, Spag Heddy or the greats like Excision and Protohype who keep pumping out bangin’ tracks? I’ll agree that Skrillex will bring back dubstep to the forefront of the scene, but I won’t agree with it needing saving. It just needs to be brought back to the masses and Skrillex can bring it there.

2. Brands Are Coming
This is an easy one and semi-related to the first conjecture. With the present influence of EDM on mainstream life it is no surprise that big companies will be backing and sponsoring events and artists. It’s already slowly occurring with commercials featuring hit songs that also get radio play. Skrillex was in a movie, Diplo is releasing a movie; there will only be more of these things as the scene grows and expands. One result will be the heightening of the potency and importance of underground music that will eventually usher in the new wave of superstars.
3. Music Purchasing Will Return
Music purchasing is still happening. Has it lessened? Yes. But iTunes, Beatport and other platforms still get electronic sales for the big name releases that make it onto them. However, free is the way to go. Most of the artists who aren’t thriving (and even some that are) still make huge headway because of their free downloads. No matter if Daft Punk, Feed Me or Beyonce want to sell a physical record, free downloads will always trump a purchase. Although, that isn’t to say purchasing music is extinct because like I said earlier, it is not. I’ll leave this one off with a quote from Gramatik, “Free music by keeping music free.”
4. DIY Parties
Everyone loves the classic house party or underground rave. With the growing popularity of EDM it will allow for the opportunity for these “DIY parties” to get put together and executed. Their current sporadic nature could become common due to the easy nature of finding a DJ, or person who mixes, to get a party going. Club gigs and festivals will still be prevalent, but the small, independent movement will take hold because of the increase in mainstream activity. Underground parties could again become the backbone of the movement, just as it was in the 90’s.
5. Breakbeat Trend
More and more will you find tracks that shy away from the four-to-the-floor pattern and implement breaks. Baltimore club is becoming more popular and Dog Blood has popularized the energetic sound of breakbeat. House will be a mainstay, but be ready for more people to try to bring something fresh to the table and this could be it.

6. Festival Electro Will Become Wholesome Again
It’s no doubt that big room has tainted 128 for a lot of people. It’s popularity will subside and hard electro tunes will take it’s place. People like aggression, bass and musical tunes which is just what will be offered up in 2014. Loyal house heads will step up their game and bring the genre back to what it was in 2012 and prior. Artists to look out for: Feed Me (given), Far Too Loud, Nom De Strip and TOER.

7. Remix Problem Will Be Fixed
This is going to happen because it HAS to happen. The amount of independent producers putting out remixes that deserve exposure is infinite. Their credibility and promotion capabilities are being lessened simply because the samples aren’t cleared. Most of these remixes are being released for free, so really the original artist isn’t experiencing any abuse at all. If anything it’s free promotion and even if the remix sucks, people will look up the original to see what happened. Big name artists and companies need to calm down the infringement policies so that every single part of the entire music scene can thrive. It would bring unparalleled freedom to the industry which is just what it needs to survive; openness and cooperation.

That is all what we will cover but if you want to read all of the projected trends you can find the THUMP article HERE. Leave your thoughts and comments below. If there is a trend you think was not covered, feel free to share as well!