Photo Credit: Michael Nagle

Following a report in the Style section of the New York Times, it appears that some nightclubs in the New York City area will be banning photos and videos during their events. Nightclubs such as Le Baron, Chelsea’s No. 8, Output and Sankeys will no longer be allowing its attendants to take pictures of that night’s event or their time with friends. Michael Musto, an occasional New York Times contributor and columnist, stated that the only upside to this newly enforced measure is:

“The only upside to photography bans is that people can be freer to indulge in whatever behavior they want.”

The Business Insider also added to this by stating:

“The purported rationale behind the no-photo policy is that without smartphones constantly in-hand, A-list clientele will feel more comfortable, people will be more willing to let their guard down, and the party will feel more exclusive.”

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Source: Business Insider, New York Times