From Pop to Hip-Hop and to Electronic music, Forbes presents the top “30 Under 30” musicians of 2014. In this list you will see producers such as Avicii at the age of 24 to Calvin Harris just making the cut on the list at the age of 29. As he is the highest paid DJ in the world, getting paid six-figures and making additional bank because of his many collaborations with Rihanna and other musicians. Calvin Harris tells Forbes, about his growth and success stating “I happened to be in the right place at the right time.” The last Electronic producer you will see is the 24 year old Zedd, as Forbes reporter, Zack O’Mailey Greenburg says he is “one of the hottest names in the burgeoning electronic music scene. That’s given him plenty of pop appeal too: He’s crafted track for listmates Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga,” which these two musicians are also on this year’s list. Take a look at the entire list of 2014’s “30 Under 30” here.