Earlier today DJ Snake, the master behind Turn Down For What released a new track titled Breathe (Parisian Vision). It was discovered by Do Androids Dance that DJ Snake’s track is eerily similar if not exactly similar to that of  Breaux’s track Breathe (Breaux’s ‘Later Night’ Remix) which was released 4 months ago. When you listen to the tracks side by side there really wasn’t a difference between the two that I could see. But whether it is a straight up copy, we don’t know. Listen to them both for yourselves and decide.



From sources we have found out that DJ Snake did not steal the track. When the whole situation blew up on Twitter shortly ago, Mercer tweeted:

Which we have learned that the stems were meant only for DJ Snake’s sets and not to be put out to the public and that the upload to Soundcloud was a mistake.