While we here at Your EDM cover only the finest in Trance every single week, it is quite unusual when we are able to review an artist who’s regarded as an iconic legend in the scene. Yes, we always have our John O’Callaghan‘s and Bryan Kearney‘s to celebrate with, but we love it when an artist of over two decades is still kicking it strong with today’s industry leaders with solid, quality driven Trance. That seems to be the case for the heavily respected Trance maestro that is Woody van Eyden. While other artist’s are only known as producers/DJ’s/Label owners, Eyden has accomplished so much more in his decorated career than most would even dream of. Apart from a highly successful stint as a Trance artist, he is widely known as a fantastic manager and a cunning strategist who maintains the careers of many high end musicians today, (such as Dan Stone & Maarten de Jong), with his highly accredited Music & Artist Agency. He also maintains a highly successful radio show entitled HeavensGate with fellow German friend Alex M.O.R.P.H., which also acts as an event brand that throws some of the greatest Trance parties in Germany. But while his past accolades are indeed impressive, we are intent on focusing towards his recent productions, and he seriously blew us away with his brand new single entitled Saripadanisa. Intended as the followup to his massively successful 2013 single, Nangulan, the Dutchman’s return to FSOE Recordings shows the mark of a true craftsman of Trance, with plenty of joyous, old school melodies to keep many listeners on their toes.




The track starts out with a good dose of classic Trance grooves with a highly formed team of futuristic synths paving the way towards maintaining a sturdy, yet complex foundation to build upon. Soulful vocal timbres, flowing pads and innocent synth accompaniment adds a certain flair of polish as each element is carefully and expertly set to all the right levels. As the basskicks completely vanish, the energy pairs down to give space for the mellifluous vocals to prevail before the subdued synths kick it into overdrive with full, dynamic force. The breakdown is interesting to say the least, as it suddenly breaks down into a very low cut Breaks section that oozes with ethnic influences as a female Indian vocal continues her expressive singing in true cultural fashion. As the Indian vocals continue on in their native language, (of which we cannot accurately depict the exact origin, unfortunately), a clash of styles becomes evident with the continuing Breaks drums and the sly combination of beautiful silk pads and playful  ostinatos that bounces around the ear from side to side, almost as if it is subconsciously allowing the listener to delve deeper into the mind for the incoming emotional awakening that is to commence. With a class build up that still maintains that extra element of shine that van Eyden has tirelessly implemented, it finally drops into a rush of euphoric energies that releases all of our pent up endorphins to run wild and free within the familiar embrace of true, emotional Trance.

Woody van Eyden‘s stunning new single, Saripadanisa, is now available on the mighty Middle Eastern Trance label, FSOE, so make sure you support Trance by purchasing a copy today. Make sure you check out Bjorn Akesson‘s Filthy Mix for a hard hitting Electro alternative!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/saripadanisa/1214246