Brazilian deep and tech duo Sonic Future has found the recipe to success with their work on Suara. This group is one half production while the other half is VJing choreographed to their music, an interesting take on a house group. Their record “Move Your Hips” off the Kitties Go Deep compilation stuck out as one of the highlights; big, funky, and deep. This track took the Top 100 Deep chart on Beatport by storm, and was the talk of the town from the Suara camp this past September. Interestingly enough, even Olympic gold swimmer Tyler Clary mentioned his support for the record.

Swimmers aside, Sonic Future is back with the Angled Sketches EP, out this past Monday. Three tracks, each one in a different genre (as told by Beatport).

First up is “Waiting For“, a deeper UK garage leaning cut. A solid danceable record from start to finish, plus the breakdown is excellent. When it drops, it sounds pretty reminiscent to “Nobody”, the top record for fellow contemporary Jay Lumen. This does not totally kill the uniqueness of the track, it’s more so a freshly tuned up mix for 2014.

Do It” is the deepest on the EP. Fat basses team up with elegant acoustic guitars, if you’re a fan of Tube & Berger this is up your alley. The airy vocals are a nice touch too. Bring this one out as the night is coming to a close or to cool off the dance floor.

To close out the EP is “Remember“, with deep disco vibes abound. The vocal hook during the breakdown samples “Carry Out” from Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. When the record drops following the vocal samples, grand pianos make up the lead with a funky deep bass riding along underneath. The sampling and the disco bass are the real draw for this “Remember” record.

While Sonic Future may not be a household name in the deep scene just yet, following the success of “Move Your Hips” with the Angled Sketches EP is the perfect follow up. It is only a matter of time that their quality in production and one-of-a-kind live show brings them a new level of popularity in the underground. This EP is already receiving support from the likes of Mark Knight, Nicole Moudaber, and Steve Lawler, plus “Waiting For” has already cracked the Top 25 Tech chart. Be sure to pick up this great EP today here on Beatport.