Let’s Be Friends must have made one hell of a New Year’s resolution, because 2014 is shaping up to be their biggest and best yet. During the holiday season the UK based duo dropped a massive preview showcasing what they have in store for the new year. Staying true to their commitment to keep EDM fresh and fun Jonney and Oren are poised to unleash an uncanny variety of dance floor destroyers.

LBF is saying ‘no’ to boring cut and dry genres this year, blending tech, future garage, hard-style and more, with their signature aggressive gritty sound. While this preview feels just like classic Let’s Be Friends work, it’s definitely a departure from the status-quo, showing that this upcoming duo isn’t afraid to push the envelope. From moombah, to electro, to the undefinable, LBF will be taking us on a journey through genre and tempo in the brand new year. Check the preview out below!


Let’s Be Friends – The 2014 Preview