With the sudden explosion of Psy Trance throughout 2013, it seems as though 2014 is shaping up to be a big year for the genre and the underground as a whole, as it continues the growing trend of backlash against the system of over saturation and total commercialization that has plagued many other genres of EDM. With its rich and vibrant spiritual history, as well as its equally mesmerizing production value, it has sparked a new culture of hungry fans awaiting new and joyous possibilities through the magic of timbral mutation and innovative sound designs. One artist who has stood as a favored industry leader is none other than Lyctum, the Serbian wonder who is absolutely on fire right now with each and every release. A heavy favorite of John 00 Fleming, Indecent Noise and Thomas Datt, his staggering production skills launches him leagues ahead of most producers by focusing his creative energies on telling a meaningful story throughout his vast array of expressive sounds and colors. To kick off the start of 2014 on a high note, Lyctum has teamed up with Spinney Lainey, who is a phenomenal professional flautist and producer, and fused Classical melodies with 21st century sounds to bring forth one of the most revolutionary Psy pieces the scene has seen in years. Already being hailed as a contender for the number one track of 2014 by many devoted fans, his new single of Wake Up truly shows the full extent of his captivating musical genius.



Lyctum & Spinney Lainey- Wake Up (Original Mix)



Beginning with dreamy, caressing pads and soft, twinkling Psy melodies, the triumphant call of the mystical flute begins her magnificent aria in true, adventurous spirit as the ebb and flow of sounds drift ones self into a state of airy bliss. The bassline comes in nice and easy for its punchy, torque driven attitude, as it’s utilized to create a constant sound that blocks out all distractions to the outside world. It is just astounding just how much the flute part transforms the entire piece into another level of natural born beauty and the added expressiveness of Spinney adds a really nice organic touch that’s rarely matched in most Electronic Music. The wonderful dialogue between the purity of the flute and the enigmatic Psy sounds weaves together into a fantastic explosion of differing textures that only intensifies when the mighty tribal percussion begin their ritualistic patterns of rhythmic might. Along with its facinating textures, it offers an exciting blend of energies that tug and pull at every turn while maintaining its delicate elegance that gives the piece its lovely spark of life. The second breakdown continues where the beginning began, but goes further with a muted shaman counting down to zero before the reverbed sounds of flute and pads translate into the resulting bassline, which crushes all mental walls into a state of complete situational awareness.



Lyctum & Spinney Lainey- Wake Up (Harmonic Rush Remix)



Poised to being the number one upcoming Trance producer, Milad‘s full time alias of Harmonic Rush has furiously taken the entire scene by storm with his flavorful edition of pounding melodies and earth shattering basslines. He is universally hailed by most of the entire Trance scene and his ascension towards victory only intensifies with every successful release he produces. However, his tastes have become more acquired throughout time and has now added Psy Trance into his production repertoire with his recent bootleg to Simon Patterson‘s Bulldozer, which cemented his placing within the scene. Now, he returns to fuse Lyctum‘s delicious Progressive melodies with his own dose of Middle Eastern vibes to form a tougher, more sinister mix which offers a great alternative to the Original. His interpretation begins with mountainous basslines and basskicks as the addition of female vocals confidently adds a touch of rich exoticism. He focuses more on brooding, murky sounds to push his point across with an incredible arsenal of deep rooted timbres and unusual melodic material. The breakdown is considerably longer than the Original and is more melodic in nature by offering a seabed of luscious pads to lift a somber melody into the air with ethnic strings and bell tone-esque synths. The flute acts more as a layer of impressive sound design that securely connects each part into cohesion as thundering drums signal the return of Rush‘s thrashing basslines, (which expertly fuses brutality with grace).



Lyctum & Spinney Lanney‘s single, Wake Up; (along with the extensive Harmonic Rush remix); is now available on Edge EDM Records via Beatport, so make sure you pick up this stunning release today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/wake-up/1223789