Shortly after previewing what they had in store for 2014, Let’s Be Friends has fired the first shot – and it’s not what you expect. Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and solo project fame is apparently a big influence to the duo and simply put, this remix is a way to show their love! They’re also showing their love to listeners by making it available for Free Download!

This track is unusual, but absolutely awesome – to quote the woman herself “this sh*t is bananas”. Gwen‘s unmistakeable vocals give way to a laser beam drop full of the fat, greasy, growls I adore Let’s Be Friends for. It’s a bold move, as Gwen Stefani doesn’t exactly seem like the most conducive artist to blend with EDM. However, file this one under “things that shouldn’t work, but really do”.

Give it a full listen through, the second drop is straight fire. On the whole, this is a phenomenal way for LBF to kick off the new year which promises to be packed to the brim with innovative and exciting releases! As always, check it out below!


Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For (Let’s Be Friends Remix)