Throughout EDM, Wolfgang Gartner is primarily known as an Electro prodigy who crafts his specialized style into incredibly experimental tracks that cause blistering damage on the dancefloor. His singles such as Pirahna, Anaconda and Hounds Of Hell all combine a plethora of styles and influences that revitalizes the stagnation of EDM that has become prevalent through the last couple years.  However, his peaktime sound wasn’t always the main focus in his career and has been known to dabble into other genres with his natural talent of versatility. A prime example of this claim is his iconic remix to Tiesto‘s I Will Be Here, a track that has stood the test of time for both older and newer fans alike. I Will Be Here was the first single off of Tiesto‘s Kaleidoscope album in 2009 and it featured the soulful vocals of Australia’s Sneaky Sound System. The Original consisted of a change of sound for the Trance legend with a sly mixture between old school Trance vibes and definitive Progressive House traits. Many regard this album as Tiesto‘s most adventurous album and Wolfgang pushes the point further with a gorgeous left field Progressive remix. Almost throwing away his Electro influences, Gartner instead bravely reworks this track to a paired down mix that perfectly fits for our Sunrise Sessions.



Gartner‘s interpretation begins with off beat Progressive chords that have become an essential piece with most Progressive tracks. But rather than strictly follow through with a formula, his impressive sound design provides an incredible richness towards the melody, which provides a rosy polish throughout each and every part. The vocals contain an incredibly unusual timbre that plays off of unusual chords, and the clear cut basslines consistently provide exhilarating chordal play throughout the piece. Technically, Gartner‘s remix is not very complicated, but its simplicity gives way to its everlasting sound and catchiness, as its high end quality and playful, bubbly mood offers feel good vibes to shower down upon the listener and remain in the back of their heads for hours after listening; ever poised to keep a subtle, yet euphoric state of mind through the rest of the day. Interestingly enough, the joyous emotions is offset by rather depressing vocals, as it talks about worlds falling apart and the loss of a loved one. However, its clash of musical communications bring its importance to an even greater hilt, as the phrase, ‘I will be here‘, rides along the hopeful, cheery Electro melody that promises everything will be okay in the end.

Wolfgang Gartner‘s remix of Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System‘s single, I Will Be Here, is out now on Ultra via Beatport, so go grab this exhilarating piece today. Tune in next week for some delicious Deep House here on Sunrise Sessions.


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