As much as we love EDM, it is not the only type of news we follow here at Your EDM. For those who are too preoccupied with other things to tune in to world news, we have taken the liberty of rounding up some of the top international headlines from this week. From China to Mars, this week played host to several important events that are shaping the future of our global home:

China Blocks Foreign News Sites That Revealed Elite’s Off Shore Holding Accounts

China’s censorship of the internet is one of the most filtered systems in the entire world and in an effort to control all media coming in and out of the country, China’s internet laws took it another step further and blocked revelations of the off shore bank accounts that the top China officials currently hold. It seems the private off shore bank accounts China’s elite holds is something the government doesn’t want its people knowing. Read about it HERE

Pope Francis Says The Internet Is “A Gift From God”

TIME’s Person of the Year and the most progressive Pope of all time announced this Thursday that the internet is indeed, a gift from God. “The Internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something truly good, a gift from God.” Although he also warned that the internet has the potential to isolate people from their neighbors, the Pope’s discussion about the internet on the Roman Catholic Church’s World Communications Day is a significant feat. Read about it HERE

Rover Finds Fresh Evidence That Mars Was Life-Friendly 

As the colonization of Mars is a hot topic around the water cooler, new signs emerged this week that ancient Mars potentially  hosted life millions of years ago. Although no hard evidence has been found, it was a very exciting discovery that will unlock secrets the red planet’s past. Read about it HERE

2013 Was One Of The Hottest Years Ever Recorded

Besides the chilling weather gripping the east coast of the United States right now, studies show that 2013 was the one of the hottest year on record. With overall global temperatures on the rise, the Obama administration is using the news as a caveat to help push stricter carbon emissions regulations. Read about it HERE

Ukraine Introduces Anti-protest Laws, Country Reacts violently 

This past week, Ukraine introduced new anti-protest laws for its citizens which did not go over well at all. Almost immediately, the country was up in arms for its right to peacefully protest and as the situation grows more drastic, government officials are just beginning to sit down to negotiate a truce. Read about it HERE