The Texan producer, 7 Minutes Dead, released his EP today through Monstercat, entitled Peacock. The original mix has been uploaded to Soundcloud, with a remix from Haywyre coming this Wednesday. The final punch will come with a YourEDM interview that we had with both producers. Today is not Wednesday, so let’s just get to this fun original for now.

7 Minutes Dead‘s “Peacock” is a fun electro/nu-disco gem that oozes good vibes. The versatility this one has is crazy; it’s a dance-ready crowd controller and a personal gem in one. The streamlined barrage of sounds were crafted into ingenious rhythms; even the use of silence and glitchy elements can be heard. A master of sound, 7 Minutes Dead showed off his skills with this original. You can purchase both tracks on Beatport, but stay tuned with us on Wednesday for the stream of Haywyre’s remix and the double interview!

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