While intently hunting for ideas for this week’s Sunrise Sessions, I came across a clever underground producer whose methods and ideologies on music fascinated me on an intellectual and objective point of view. Many producers today utilize their craft as a form of self expression and full time enjoyment, but it is very rare to find an artist who creates music based on their own spiritual and even astral experiences. However, I quickly stumbled upon the wonderfully harmonious world of Roger Sanchez, whose music continues to hypnotizes my senses towards a reckless, insatiable high. As stated in an exclusive, intimate interview on his Soundcloud, his music derives from ‘intense experiences’ that has transpired throughout his life and includes such events as ‘hiking in the Swiss mountains and attending shamanic weekends’; (which are experiences with various shamans that create a potion to discover yourself within your own mind). His unique, inter-dimensional outlook on life, (as well as his current residence inside a monastery), reflects on his simple, minimalistic way of living, where the greatest pleasures come from the smallest eccentricities that many take for granted. This humble, yet curious mindset allows for new and fascinating musical pathways to intersect in the most creative of ways and the result is nothing short of pure, aural magic.



With his Ambient project underway, Sanchez continues his club driven style by teaming up with Techno legend Secret Cinema, who was the brainchild behind the project of Groovebox that created the hit classic, Mary Go Wild. Together, they have picked up the attention of the legendary Guy J with their double EP release of Interstellar and Menthol Raga. The combined power of Secret Cinema‘s powerful Techno percussion with Roger Martinez‘s illustrious chords provides a fascinating and rewarding experience that continues to push the boundaries on figurative musical aptitude. Interstellar begins with an abundance of quirky, futuristic warbles and sounds to add a bit of spicy sass towards the laid back, machine-esque rhythm of the piece. A rich and intricately complex percussion section contrastingly adorns the simplistic, deep end melodic ostinato that repeats over and over again and the difference in styles really adds a subtle layer of ear pleasing timbres. This intriguing equation provides a never ending, bubbling reserve of refreshing groove and drive that brilliantly enhances the little details in top form.  Its eccentric, yet liberating sense of musicology allows the freedom of expression to expand beyond normal, creative boundaries and its unusual, avant-garde sensibility propels its ornate aspirations towards achieving transcendence.

Roger Sanchez & Secret Cinema‘s collaboration, Interstellar, is out now on Lost & Found Rec. via Beatport, so go grab this great Deep Progressive cut today. Also make sure to check out the fantastic A-Side of the release, which is cleverly titled Menthol Raga! Tune in next week on Sunrise Sessions as we venture down more experimental pathways in EDM.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/menthol-raga-ep/1230722





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