In celebration of Tomorrowland‘s ten year lifespan, ID&T has two projects in the works that revolve around the very people who their festivals are for; the fans. Fans will be able to participate in either one, or both depending on if you get chosen as one of the 200 ambassadors. These ambassadors will be featured in a TV documentary about the positive people that will usher in the age of tomorrow. It’s PLUR for real; good vibes all around. If you think love is all you got, then send in a video for a chance to be a part of something special.
Maybe even more special is the next project Tomorrowland has; a massive bridge that will feature personal messages from anyone who submits something. These submissions will then be filtered and subsequently engraved onto the bridge itself. The artistic endeavor will be a grand symbol of positivity that could define a generation. We are the people of tomorrow. How do you want your tomorrow to be?
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