With dance music continuing to tighten it’s grip around the mainstream, more and more of the artists we love within dance music are attending the famed Grammy awards. Nominations are plentiful, with the beloved Kaskade up for two. On his way in, he stopped to talk to reporters for a short red carpet interview. His nominations for Best Dance Recording and Best Dance Album were talked about, as well as the growing popularity of dance music. As a pioneer, Kaskade admitted the joy of seeing how far dance music has come. From being looked down upon in the shadows, to being “front and center,” it really has come a long way.

Let this be a reminder that all the hard work, from the artists, to managers, to bloggers, to fans (let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard work), is paying off. The innovation in the industry will continue, so let’s hope we see more nominations and awards go to people like Kaskade!
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