Jay Cosmic has truly outdone himself this time. After unleashing his monstrous hardstyle remix of Tsunami just a few weeks ago, the budding young producer has already released yet another remix. Taking on ‘Finally’ by Mikkas and Amba Shepherd, Cosmic has formulated a truly breathtaking remix that certainly pushes the boundaries of the genre.

When I was asked to do the remix, I decided not to go for my usual style of trance infused bigroom, I wanted to totally redo the track, as the original was already perfect.

The track itself is a melodic masterpiece that goes to show just how successful 2014 is lining up to be for Jay Cosmic. The second drop in particular opens up to this huge climactic whirlwind of synths, painting a cosmic picture through the array of eclectic production work.

I made it 160bpm to ensure it wouldn’t be DJ friendly. That way when I was making it I wasn’t thinking about making something for the club, I wanted to do something you could listen to in your car.

The end result is Jay Cosmic’s best work to date, a stunning remix with a timeless feel synthesized by tight synth leads and a well placed drum clap throughout the song, creating a very uptempo feel at 160 beats per minute. You can’t argue a free download, especially of such quality content.

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