Who out there likes bass? Everyone, okay good; because the BLAKKA EP from Carvar & Clock is full of it. Besides for the original single, remixes of the duo’s track “Flare” come from UFO! and Des McMahon to add some extra fire to the project.
“BLAKKA” is a a heavy hitting dubstep banger that will make you understand what the hell that slang term means (or Urban Dictionary). I don’t even need to say much, this one speaks for itself. I will say this, that drum-fill drop is so dope and from there on it’s pure madness. Next comes UFO!, who always brings quality productions to the table. He has an out-of-the-box sound that makes him one of the most interesting producers out there and this track proves that point. It’s fusion of breaks, trap and hardstyle is unparalleled and with the bass he uses, it’s sonic perfection. Des McMahon takes us to drum & bass land with his remix that will cause you to expend all your energy in a wild dance frenzy. I suggest you click the download link; that party you are going to this weekend needs this.
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