Featuring an eclectic fusion of styles and instruments, Gramatik’s “The Age of Reason” delivers an impressive full-length album to complement the slew of tracks he has released to fans over the past year.

The album begins with “Brave Man,” a mellow, relaxed song that unhurriedly builds into an intense number cholk-full of samples. The second track, “Torture,” features guitar work by Eric Krasno of Lettuce, which lends itself to a jazzed-up classic rock sound. With a myriad of collaborators ranging across musical styles, the entire album oscillates from high-energy bass numbers to relaxing, funky tunes that will keep listeners engrossed from beginning to end.

Some personal highlights of the album include the ethereal “We Used to Dream” featuring ExMag and “Faraway” featuring vocalist Orlando Napier, although its safe to say that there is something to be found for everyone. If the rest of 2014 brings releases of this caliber, we’re in for a great year. Stream the entire album below and be sure to grab a free download through BitTorrent.