A subject that has been circulating around more than your typical celebrity news gossip on E! Entertainment. Martin Garrix’s breakthrough hit, ‘Animals’, can’t seem to get out of people’s minds. Well, we don’t blame you, as he is the youngest producer to climb up the Beatport Chart and hit #1 with ‘Animals.’ Now the scandal and rumor of Martin Garrix stealing ‘Animals’ from Hardwell is revealed, as Garrix spills the dirty details with inthemix stating: “Some people thought that I stole it from Hardwell, but now it’s all fixed. But they were really fucking surprised. They were like, ‘What the fuck? Bullshit!’ or they were like,‘Is this serious?’ There were also some really cool reactions like, ‘Oh my God, I fucking love him already.’ People expected it to be from two really big names like GTA and Hardwell, then suddenly a young kid made the track and it was really surprising for them.”

Martin Garrix also goes through his production of ‘Animals’ that was featured on Future Music Magazine’s Youtube Page, which you can check the whole clip below.

Now it’s crystal clear, Martin did not steal ‘Animals’ from Hardwell. He is a young producer who works hard and will also show more of his hard work throughout 2014. Garrix tells inthemixI got a shit-load of new tracks coming up,” he said. “I got some really big collaborations coming up with some of the biggest of the world; maybe the biggest of the world. I can’t tell you names yet but I can tell you I have a new track with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.” There is much more to be heard and expected from Garrix this year, so be on the look out.

via source: inthemix