The Italian duo Pelussje released a major remix EP through Ultra that is three songs in length. Each one is unique in it’s own right, but altogether they make up an extraordinary project. Salsoul & West End Remixed Vol.5 is a testament to their creativity and production abilities.

The remix of Carol Williams‘ “Love Is You” is first on the official tracklist, for it was the only single released prior to this EP. It’s an aggressively good time with an energetic electro bassline that gets the adrenaline roaring. At 128, this feels like hardstyle because it’s so vigorous. I love it. Loleatta Holloway‘s “Ride On Time” got trapped out, but with the sounds they created, you can tell there’s dubstep influence. Gotta love those low frequencies. There’s one more thing to love though; and that is the duo’s remix of “Salsoul Nugget If U Wanna” by Girl Next Door. They up the disco qualities and add in some house magic of their own. It’s a minimal melodic jam that is festival ready.

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